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Devon Ervin shares a collection of stories and poems about the days, months, and years following her husband's brain injuries and how those moments impacted her, their marriage, and their family. It tells the somewhat universal (and often unspoken) story of the life of a caregiver, walking the reader through a harrowing journey as she finds her way back to being the author of her own life.

This raw and often heartbreaking memoir gives voice to the emotional struggles of caregivers and provides an alternative way of looking at options for survivors and those who care for them. It centers the well-being of both parties so they can create lives that are mutually fulfilling, even if done in non-traditional ways.

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“A beautifully woven story of love, self-sacrifice and the journey to healing the self, crafted in a way that feels authentic and relatable. Devon gives permission (not that it is needed) for others to care for themselves - whatever that looks like - after experiencing the loss of a partner as we knew them, in a gentle and loving way.”

—Susan Johnson, former caregiver

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